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The Ethereals

Ethereals and Eggs.jpg

What are Ethereals?

Ethereals are your personal lucky companions. They’re physical embodiments of the spiritual energy of dreams – especially dreams related to nature, thoughts, and emotions. This dream energy coalesces into rare and powerful Eggs which are capable of morphing the environment around them. When paired with a human carrier and ideal incubation conditions, these Eggs hatch into an Ethereal which bonds itself to the spirit of its hatcher.


Ethereals’ natural-born abilities are determined by their origin. For example, an Ethereal formed from an oceanic dream has water-controlling capabilities, or an Ethereal born of a fiery dream is capable of heat or flame manipulation. Ethereals utilize these talents for themselves, but also channel these abilities through their “partner” - which exponentially increases their power. The longer an Ethereal is bonded to their human companion, the more powerful they each become. At the highest level of attunement, an Ethereal and their human are considered one being - capable of seeing through each other’s eyes, feeling each other’s feelings, and when in danger, physically merging into a single body. Note, this level is exceptionally rare and can take a lifetime to achieve.

Lucky Charms

One of the Ethereals’ most valued assets is how they positively affect their partner’s luck. Ethereals are born with embedded gems which were once believed to be purely aesthetic. But recently, Laureates have proven a strong correlation between the gems attached to a partner’s Ethereal and the amount of good things that happen in their person’s life. Winning lotteries, discovering breakthroughs, finding hidden treasures, and numerous other fortunate happenings have significantly increased in proportion to the number of gems attached to a person’s Ethereal (even in lab tested environments). Laureates are still attempting to uncover why, but this has led to the gem-holding Ethereals becoming highly valued.


Many Ethereal species have innate personality traits. But once an Ethereal forms a deep emotional bond with their partner, it delves into their partner’s dreams to understand them and their personalities better. Ethereals begin with their partner’s childhood dreams, which leads many Ethereals to develop a kind of pure innocence. The more dreams they experience, the closer an Ethereal becomes one with their partner. Without this dream bonding, Ethereals are difficult to understand, let alone tame. Very few have the ability to communicate with Ethereals in the wild, but it’s not impossible. Those who scrutinize their dreams have the best chance at catching a wild Ethereal because they have an easier time understanding their seemingly nonsensical behavior and messages.

Eight species of Ethereals born from naturally formed Eggs:

●      Water

●      Earth

●      Air

●      Fire

●      Space

●      Pixel

●      Chronos

●      Dark