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The Citizens of Celeste blur the distinctions between human, animal, and machine.

You often find them hanging out in factions that represent their interests and talents. Some of these factions include: the Dynamics; the Givers; the Naturalists; the Conjurers; the Laureates; the Mayhems; and the Renegades.

When the six asteroids hit earth, large rocks mixed with asteroid dust formed together and were flung back into space forming six moon planets that now orbit earth. Each moon planet is linked to its sister city forming a deep symbiotic relationship. Nomads are the denizens of the moon planets, and they, too, have their own distinct ways which set them apart from the Citizens. Their species is entirely machine-made; even the more human-looking Nomads were grown inside an artificial womb. Like the Citizens they have their own factions which include: the Wayfarers; the Lone Wolf; the Merchants; the Technokrats; the Regenerators or the Cosmics.

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