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The City of Air

After crashing into the planet, Celeste morphed the surrounding mountains like clay. They rose into the sky where she best thrives and gave her Citizens a unique connection to the elemental power Air. Over centuries, people began rising into the sky along with Celeste to build a new life for themselves. While her power gave them an opportunity at a new life on this planet, the city itself was built by the residents who now inhabit it.


Every building in Celeste was created with a dream. Those dreams have shaped the city’s foundations, aesthetics, and the lives of those who live within it.

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However, the city is also categorized using two primary methods: Neighborhoods and Utility.


The three neighborhoods, distinguished by their location in the city, have developed their own unique characteristics based on those who reside within them.


Utility categorization distinguishes individual buildings based on their primary purpose within the city itself.