Lower Depths

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Lower Depths District

At the bottom of Celeste, you will find the Lower Depths where you can take part in seedy transactions, attend insane parties, or get lost in some back-alley speak-easy.

This is probably one of the most dynamic of the three districts and its residents are a mixed bag of artists, rebels, geniuses, criminals, gangs, and those drawn to the darkest delights the city has to offer.

However, living quarters are cramped and neighbors often feel like roommates, creating an unspoken comradery. Those in the Lower Depths form tight knit circles bonded by their shared experiences. They fight, take risks, make friends, make love, lose everything, then claw and scrape their way back up. Down here, it’s not about winning, it’s about playing the game.

Notable buildings within the Lower Depths District which residents feel embody its character include:

  • The Wastelands
  • Glitch Arcade
  • Finnegan’s Wake
  • Disco Aquatic
  • Food 4 All
  • Sizzle Palace