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Celeste offers a wide array of food options drawing from the old cultures and cooking histories from before the asteroids hit as well as new cuisines created in the modern era. Many of the citizens of Celeste were born with intrinsic knowledge of recipes that had previously been passed down generations. It is said that an ancient recipe book containing all the recipes from humanity’s time exists somewhere and with someone within the city. These properties have the ability to serve or provide food and beverage in some capacity.  

Citizen Affiliation

Most who make food are doing it for one of two reasons: to feed others or to make edible art. The former are often Givers who learn to cook as a show of love for others, while the latter are often Conjurers who see cuisine as the ultimate form expression.


If you’re hungry, maybe try tastings at some of Celeste’s favorite eateries:

  • Seven Samurai
  • the Donut Hole
  • Sylvester’s Friggin Hot Dogs
  • Sweet Toons
  • the Beanery
  • Onion
  • Fresh Hot Noodle
  • Sizzle Palace
  • Fizzy Float Factory